Here’s Why Yoo Ah In Is Getting Massive Hate For Eating Fried Zucchini On “I Live Alone”

Feminists, in particular, are attacking Yoo Ah In for his actions.

On a recent episode of MBC’s I Live Alone, actor Yoo Ah In gave viewers a sneak peek into his daily life on a rainy summer day.

Toward the evening, Yoo Ah In held a “mukbang” for viewers after making snacks that he thought were perfect for a rainy day.

Since it was raining out, I craved pumpkin pancake and snacks that go well with alcohol.

– Yoo Ah In

After cooking the zucchini on a frypan with a large grin on his face, Yoo Ah In proceeded to enjoy a delicious dinner with some drinks.

But the fact that Yoo Ah In cooked zucchini on the show caused massive criticism to fire in Yoo Ah In’s way.

The reason being the “zucchini gate” incident that took place back in November 2017.

At the time, Yoo Ah In got into a heated argument with feminists online, which began when one netizen posted, “I feel like he’s someone who should be watched from 20 meters away. I think it’d be hard to be friends with him. I feel like he would open a fridge, see a zucchini, stare at it for a while, ask me, ‘what does it mean to be alone?’ and wink.

In response, Yoo Ah In posted, “Have you ever been hit with zucchini before? (wink)” which was criticized by netizens for being violent and suggesting misogynistic ideas.

And when the controversy began to escalate, Yoo Ah In made the remarks, “All I did was make a joke to a random English ID, and now I’m a women-hating Korean man and a potential criminal” and “They’re fake feminists. They’re just online terrorists“.

So when Yoo Ah In was recently seen making zucchini on I Live Alone, the 2017 incident resurfaced and he is being criticized once more.

Some are even accusing Yoo Ah In of doing it intentionally to get back at those who attacked him online.

One netizen commented, “This makes me shudder. Look at the power he has that allows him to go on TV as if nothing happened and make zucchini as if he’s mocking everyone. He’s so shameless that he’s actively refusing to reflect upon his actions.

Source: Insight
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