Actor Yoo Ah In Gets High Praise From Fans After His Totally Unexpected Cat Dad Life Is Revealed

He didn’t choose the cat dad life, it chose him.

In a recent episode of I Live Alone, actor Yoo Ah In invited the viewers take a closer look inside his $5 million home

Yoo Ah In (center) with “I Live Alone” members

… where he lives with his two Sphynx cats, Dobby and Jangby.

Dobby (left) and Jangby (right)

The episode captured Yoo Ah In’s undeniable cat-dad life — from his softest morning routine of greeting the cats in his bed…

… to their peaceful snack-munching ritual.

It even revealed his most relatable cat-dad moment of (failing at) bathing them in their special cypress bathtub in their own cathroom!

Yoo Ah In’s interviews throughout the episode revealed he truly considers Dobby and Jangby his family…

I keep watching a lot of videos and reading a lot of books, trying to understand what my cats want and try to tell me… I’ve found some ways to communicate with them on my own. But it still leaves me feeling horrible, like I’ve aggressively forced them to do something they don’t want.

— Yoo Ah In

… even though he never expected to be have cats in his life, ever.

It’s funny that I’m sitting here talking about my cats… because until they came into my life, I’ve never even touched a cat in my life before. I honestly never expected to be a cat dad, ever. This is not a life I had planned for myself… But my friend’s friend brought the cats over to my house once. The cats didn’t want to leave… and so I became their dad.

— Yoo Ah In

Dobby and Jangby have flipped Yoo Ah In’s life upside down for sure.

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It’s the strangest thing. Until I met Dobby… I actually hated the feeling of being bothered. Like, I’ve always been the most important to me. And  I don’t like feeling irresponsible and I don’t like feeling guilty. So I specifically chose to not get myself involved in things that would make me feel that way. But… here we are.

— Yoo Ah In

I Live Alone viewers and cat-loving fans couldn’t praise Yoo Ah In enough for his dedication to being a good pet owner…

  • “Man, yeah. I wouldn’t want to leave that house if I were a cat too.”
  • “I love Yoo Ah In so much. He’s such a gentle soul.”
  • “Look how good he is to his cats. He’s a pro cat-dad. I love that he studies cats and tries to make them comfortable. Those cats must be blessed.”
  • “What the heck, why is he such a good dad? I’m falling in love with him. I can’t believe he thinks so fondly of his cats.”
  • “Whaaaaat… He’s a better cat dad than most. This episode made me see him in a different light, LOL.”
  • “I really like Yoo Ah In now, LOL. I loved the part where he cooks too. Anyway, this throws so much shade at someone… Too good.”
  • “Seriously though, this made his personality and values seem infinitely better.”

… and are falling in love with this handsome cat dad! Watch Yoo Ah In spend quality time with Dobby and Jangby here:

Source: THEQOO