Yoo Ah In’s Recent Post About His Luxury Car Stirs Speculation Among Netizens

Yoo Ah In later spoke up to clarify what happened.

Yoo Ah In recently posted a 7-second long video on his Instagram account of his luxury car that gained attention on MBC‘s I Live Alone.


The post is captioned, “Farewell, X… You did your best” and it the video showed Yoo Ah In watching it get towed away in snowy weather.

| @hongsick/Instagram

As soon as the video was shared, it stirred speculation among netizens.

| @hongsick/Instagram

Many wondered if he either got into a big accident or if he was scrapping the car for a different reason.

| @hongsick/Instagram

The car gained particular interest because it appeared on MBC’s I Live Alone where it was revealed that his car is a Tesla Model X, which goes for around 80,000 USD and upwards.

But Yoo Ah In soon clarified that the car simply suffered a flat tire and that it saved his life in the snowy weather.

Don’t worry. It was a flat tire. X saved me when I was on the brink of death.

— Yoo Ah In

Some of the comments to the post include “It’s so sad… but so cute“, “Is it that expensive Tesla?” and “Yoo Ah In so adorable“.

Source: Dispatch