Here’s Why Yoo Ah In Is Being Praised For Starring In A Film Like “Voice of Silence”

Nobody expected this.

Yoo Ah In is being praised for starring in the upcoming film, Voice of Silence before its official premiere on October 15.

The film is about two men who end up having to look after a kidnapped child, leading them into a situation that no one expected.

As soon as it was announced that top actors Yoo Ah In and Yoo Jae Myung would star in it, the film became a hot topic of conversation online.

It was also revealed that Yoo Ah In was asked to gain 15 kilograms in order to maximize his visual transformation within the film.

Yoo Ah In is known as a top actor in Korea, who is known for many box office hits such as The Throne, Veteran, and Burning.

And that’s not including his successful career as a drama actor.

So the fact that he agreed to star in Voice of Silence surprised many.

According to the Korean Film Commission, Voice of Silence is a low-budget film with a production budget of ₩1.30 billion KRW (about $1.13 million USD).

As a result, one source in the film industry praised Yoo Ah In for his humble decision.

If you think about the value of Yoo Ah In’s name, that budget is really low. But I heard he willingly agreed to star in it anyway.

— Source

Another source went on to praise Yoo Ah In as well.

It’s impressive that an actor with such strong influence over the viewers is starring in a low-budget film.

— Source

Here’s wishing Yoo Ah In and his fellow cast and crew all the success with their new film!

Source: Dispatch