MC Yoo Jae Suk’s Handsome Younger Self Goes Viral On TikTok Overseas

He was quite handsome when he was younger.

MC Yoo Jae Suk was a hot topic again recently, but not for a reason you would expect! It seems that overseas fans had discovered how he looked like in his 20s, for his past videos made it into a TikTok. The video soon went viral.

The comments from overseas fans were swooning over him!

Hilariously, Korean fans who had caught on to the overseas reaction were not having it. Some insisted his face from the front was always guarded as he tended to only show off his side profile to the camera back then.

  • “Why is this so funny kk”
  • “Why do I see Nam Joo Hyuk in his face? My eyes~~~~ kkkk”
  • “But he really looks trendy?? kkkkk”
  • “His front face should be desperately protected! kkkk hilarious.”
  • “Someone said his front face should be protected, crazy kkkkkkk”
  • “Ah kkkkk”
  • “You have to listen to the BGM too.”
| theqoo

Take a look at the video yourself!

Do you think he looked hot back when he was young?

Source: theqoo
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