Yoo Seung Jun’s New Album May Be Cancelled Due To Public Backlash

The future of his new album is uncertain.

Yoo Seung Jun recently revealed that he would be making a comeback for the first time in 17 years, but instead of being excited for him, netizens continued to criticize the singer for his past decisions.

Yoo Seung Jun To Make First Comeback In 17 Years, Netizens Still Can’t Forgive Him


According to sources, Yoo Seung Jun had prepared a mini album containing about 5 tracks and had already even filmed the music video in the United States. The album was set to be released on December 5 with his title song, “Another Day”, being released on November 22.


Due to the public’s cold reaction, however, his record label has given up on distributing his new album. Another label who the singer got in contact with also declined. Yoo Seung Jun’s original “Another Day” teaser was deleted and later reuploaded by YSJ Media Group.


Koreans could not forgive the singer because the decision he made 17 years ago. He had promised on multiple platforms to serve his military obligation but when it was time for him to enlist, he forfeited his Korean citizenship to receive an American one.


As a result, he did not have to serve in the military, enraging fans. Eventually, he was banned from the country and has never returned since.


Yoo Seung Jun incorporated the regrets of his past decisions in the upcoming title track, “Another Day”, but it does not seem like his comeback will be easy as Korean netizens are still giving cold reactions to the once legendary singer.

  • “Why does he keep popping up on the news? If he committed something worthy of regret and self-reflection, then he needs to take responsibility and just endure it. What is he trying to do here? All he’s getting is criticism and making his lif harder.”
  • “Why do they keep writing about him? Is he giving them money?
  • “There are many people who can’t go to the army even if they want to…Was it that hard to serve for 2 years for our country? If you’re a man, it’s only obvious that you should serve if you’re not a transgender or for religious reasons. Since the military pay is going up, maybe you can go now…”
  • “I’m not listening or reading whatever you have to say. I only come here to criticize.”
  • “Trash”
  • “Deceiving others and lying is absolutely the worst. He deceived not only one or two people, but the entire nation so how can he act so shameless?”
Source: Sports Today