Yoo Seung Jun To Open Up About The Past On His YouTube Channel

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Singer Yoo Seung Jun, also known as Steve Yoo, has been banned from entering South Korea for the past 18 years due his military drafting incident.

He has announced on social media that he would be starting his own YouTube channel. He plans on opening up about the past decade of his life.

His Instagram post read,

‘YSJ ‘Westside Story’. I am meeting my past self again. A decades worth of stories never told…stories that I thought would be buried forever…Westside Story 2019 Coming soon…I’m not preparing something light…it’s going to be serious and genuine. If you can’t avoid it, enjoy it. Are you ready to enjoy it? If you’re ready, scream!

At the time this is written, he has 2.42K subscribers with a several videos uploaded regarding the making of his music video, “Another Day.”

He also recently posted a photo of him with his kids and rapper Dok2, revealing their friendship.

In 2002, he gave up his Korean citizenship to gain an American one, which allowed him to be removed from his mandatory military service. He has filed several lawsuits in order to lift his ban but has been rejected each time. A sentencing trial will be held on October 15.

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