Yoo In Suk Clarifies Ties With Superintendent, Prostitution Solicitation And More In Detailed Written Apology

He gave his side of the story.

Yoo In Suk, the former CEO of Yuri Holdings and husband of actress Park Han Byul, released an apology and revealed details regarding the controversies he is involved in.

Yoo In Suk reported to the police on March 14 and was investigated for various suspicions including drug charges, solicitation and police collusion. During this process, it was revealed that he contacted Superintendent Yoon, or the “police chief”, and since then, he became a key figure in the suspicions of police collusion.

Former FTISLAND member Choi Jonghoon also revealed during his police investigations that Yoo In Suk, Park Han Byul and Superintendent Yoon gathered together to play golf, which led to netizens demanding Park Han Byul to leave the drama she is currently starring in.


Yoo In Suk addressed all of the above issues in his apology. Read the full letter below:


I apologize. This is Yoo In Suk.

First of all, I’d like to apologize for causing everyone inconveniences with the conversations that were reported in the media, which were from my days of immaturity and which I do not even remember well. The reason it was difficult for me to say anything until now was because firstly, I was surprised by the sudden exposure of my private life and secondly, I was afraid that the jokes I shared with my acquaintances may be taken seriously, that the events I don’t even remember will come back to me through my words that were spoken too lightly, and that it would be revealed to and accepted by the public. Before beginning the official investigation, I received many questions from the press and one of the reasons I had no choice but to remain silent was because no matter how hard I tried to speak, no one believed what I said.

1. Regarding police collusion

When I first got to know Superintendent Yoon, I was an average 32-year-old guy who had just started working. In July 2016 when Monkey Museum was being inspected for “the act of letting guests dance”, I had no idea what kind of sanctions would be imposed on us and since I did not know what to do with no lawyers, judges or prosecutors around me, my acquaintances contacted Superintendent Yoon and asked what type of sanctions could be imposed for me. Superintendent Yoon stated, “You can’t do business like that.” I learned a lot from his mature advice and began following Superintendent Yoon, who was about 20 years older than me, eating meals he bought me and playing golf a couple of times. That’s all. I am deeply apologetic for causing him trouble when he always set an example as a noble civil servant.

In regard to this issue, my acquaintance mentioned “police chief” on KakaoTalk and spoke as if he could resolve all of our issues. This makes me think that this is the standard of my acquaintances and me. It was not a situation where we could say a police could help us out. In fact, the responsible person of Monkey Museum had received criminal punishment and a penalty that may well be equal to a business suspension. Everything was paid. According to the Republic of Korea that I know, if there is an informant and proof, it is natural for punishment to be imposed and this was also the case for Monkey Museum.


When singer Choi Jonghoon was caught for driving under the influence in February 2016, I was with him as a person who was with him at the drinking gathering before the incident but I did not know any police officer at the time and I did not request any help. There was nothing I could do. It is up to Choi Jonghoon’s memory, but I believed then and still believe now that the chat content stating that I received a birthday message from a police officer was clearly a bluff. Or I believe it could have been an encouraging phone call from a police officer who thought it best not to report the drunk driving incident of a celebrity to reporters and who thought this was a principle of work.


2. Regarding foreign investor solicitation

The portion of the KakaoTalk conversation from December 6-7, 2015 was reported by SBS FunE on February 21, 2019. Both Lee Seunghyun (Seungri) and I announced that it was all fabricated and I still stand firm on my statement as it was not a situation where prostitution could take place and prostitution or solicitation did not actually take place either.


The conversation confirmed by the police began when a foreign acquaintance (female) of me, Lee Seunghyun (Seungri) and Kim (a warrant has been requested in relation to the hidden cam cast) stated that she wants to spend time with us in Korea. Kim said, “Our acquaintance is coming to Korea, let’s all go to a bar and spend time together.” As we all could not participate in the event, we told Kim to take good care of her. If no aspect of the KakaoTalk conversation was fabricated, Lee Seunghyun (Seungri) said to Kim, “Take good care of our acquaintance,” and I suddenly joked, “Get her some good-looking guys,” and in response, Lee Seunghyun (Seungri) joked saying, “How about the girls? Ones that entertain well.” When I said, “I’m sending the prostitutes so send him to the hotel,” this was also a silly joke that I made considering the male acquaintances of our acquaintance. In the KakaoTalk conversation that was revealed, you can see that I brought up the issue of prostitutes out of nowhere when Lee Seunghyun (Seungri) and Kim were not talking about prostitution at all. In addition, 7 minutes after I said I would send the prostitutes, Kim said, “Yes, sent the men.” Men who were accompanying a woman would be in no circumstance to take women they’ve never seen before to a hotel within 7 minutes.


The reason I stated that (the conversation) was fabricated was because solicitation nor prostitution could be possible in that situation and it did not occur in reality as well. I have no recall of any KakaoTalk content regarding sending men and women to a hotel after sincerely talking about prostitutes. My statement was that the reports about prostitution or solicitation were all false.


The female acquaintance is an admirable friend who is working honestly and diligently. She did not invest in us in any way and as far as I know, she is not involved in any investment business. I do not want to cause any more criticism towards our wonderful friends who believed in us due to the immature things we said among ourselves in private.


3. I will participate in investigations faithfully.

I am going through a very difficult and painful time. However, because I respect our country’s laws and investigation agencies and because I must follow them, I believe I must participate in investigations faithfully. However, during the analyzation of Jung Joon Young’s cell phone, the content was leaked and the content containing all of his personal information and secrets unexplainably got into the hands of reporters. The data was provided to investigation agencies and other reporters and we do not know which parts will be revealed to and horrify the public, or which private conversations will be used as proof in the investigations.


In our mid 20’s and early 30’s, we were an extremely ignorant group of guys in everyone’s standards. And all of the truths and lies that we told thinking it was our private space is being accepted by the public seriously. I simply do not know how to accept the situations, how to reveal the truth and how to deal with the press and investigations wisely in the current situation in which our exposed private lives and the private lives of all the people who had relations with Jung Joon Young to a certain extent can be handed over to the press and investigation agencies. Reporters have secured private information including the identities of family and contact information of Jung Joon Young’s acquaintances including myself and even our families are in a state of anxiety.


I am deeply reflecting upon my inappropriate actions of not restraining when there were aspects that could be seen as crimes in our private lives. I go through each day, thinking of giving up on life numerous times. However, I gained confidence with the determination to tell the truth about a misunderstanding in the current situation where people who I respect and thank are being harmed because of me.


This apology letter is not one from CEO Yoo, but from Yoo In Suk as many people already know my name. I believe that it would be considered rude to those who were harmed and to the public to release an apology by CEO Yoo in fear of letting my name be known. However, I would like to live on as an average man but I am being misunderstood for numerous things I cannot acknowledge and I do not know what additional parts of my private life will be led to the press and investigations. For these reasons, I ask your forgiveness for not being able to state these things in person and for not being able to respond to your questions.

Once again, I apologize.

March 19, 2019 Yoo In Suk

Source: Osen

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