Yoojung Falls On The Stage During I.O.I’s Final Concert

During a performance of I.O.I‘s final Time Slip concert, Choi Yoojung tripped and fell backward at the end of the stage.

I.O.I recently ended promotions with their Time Slip concert. However, a certain mishap from Yoojung’s part was noticed. The performance started with Yoojung showing her sexy moves for a special stage of “Once Upon A Time” while the members comically jeered towards her.


The performance involved an intense choreography and as it came to an end, Yoojung can be seen losing her balance. This caused her to fall backward.

The stage was almost dimmed when it happened, but the incident was still captured on camera. Yoojung, however, managed to keep it cool and returned to her original pose.

Watch a video of the moment below at (00:54):


Source: Dispatch