Korean Fans Are Divided Over Kim Sejeong’s Fangirly Comments On Yoon Jisung’s Instagram

Her friendliness led to a heated debate.

Kim Sejeong recently boasted her close friendship with former Wanna One member Yoon Jisung through a series of comments on his Instagram photos. While many other Instagram users do the same thing, Kim Sejeong is facing scrutiny due to her being an idol.

Kim Sejeong | @GODSMILE0828/Tistory

The first photo of Yoon Jisung shows the former boy group member thanking all his fans for the birthday wishes he received. Under the post, Kim Sejeong left what the Korean fans claim to be “a comment completely unrelated to his post.”

| _yoonj1sung_/Instagram

The calls I have with you are always loud.

— Kim Sejeong @clean_0828

Kim Sejeong continued with her “random” commenting spree with her response under another photo of Yoon Jisung.

| _yoonj1sung_/Instagram

Oppa, I think there’s something wrong with my eyes…why do you look handsome…

— Kim Sejeong @clean0828

At one point, Kim Sejeong left a bolder comment — taking it up from PG to PG-13.

| _yoonj1sung_/Instagram

You could drink soju from your collarbones.

— Kim Sejeong @clean0828/Instagram

Although the former I.O.I member was just being goofy and showing off her close friendship, some Korean fans weren’t too thrilled with the interactions.

| _yoonj1sung_/Instagram
  • “What?”
  • “This is such a random comment… Sejeong…”
  • “There are a lot of BABALs (Yoon Jisung’s fanclub) watching. Please comment with moderation.”
  • “Please think. There’s a lot of people who see these. Please think before posting?”
  • “If you guys [are close enough to] share phone calls, please share these messages via KakaoTalk.”

Meanwhile, other Korean fans found the critical comments toward Kim Sejeong to be excessive.

| theqoo
  • “She’s being fangirly though. That’s the concept here… What’s the big deal? LOL.”
  • “I don’t see a problem with friends being friends… but some of those comments could be seen inappropriate I guess.”
  • “She might have stepped over some boundaries… but I think it’s just fangirling gone wrong. LOL.”
  • “This is nothing though… His other fans are okay with it. Stop adding to the discussion if you’re not his fan.”
  • “Um… but Kim Sejeong leaves comments like this under everyone’s Instagram posts. It doesn’t matter if they’re male or female. This is her thing.”
  • “This is Kim Sejeong’s personality though… She’s like this to everyone. So why are we making a huge deal out of it now?”

Kim Sejeong and Yoon Jisung both competed on the survival reality program, Produce 101. Their commonality of the program ignited an adorable friendship between the two former contestants, with many yearning for a collaboration between the two talented vocalists.

| @clean0828/Instagram
Source: theqoo