Yoon Jisung Receives Endless Praise For His Professional Reaction To A Minor Stage Mishap

It was barely noticeable!

Yoon Jisung is making headlines for his professionalism during a live stage.

Yoon Jisung | LM Entertainment

The solo singer has been busy promoting his new comeback song, “LOVE SONG” on all of the music programs. On today’s broadcast of KBS‘s Music Bank, Yoon Jisung brought his all to put on an incredible stage for his fans. While his visuals and talent are the usual headliners, he is receiving praise for something different this time around.

For this stage, Yoon Jisung can be seen utilizing a black leather futon, on which he sits, lays and stands on numerous times throughout the performance.

Still of “LOVE SONG” performance | KBS

During one part of the song, he takes a moment to sit down on the futon to deliver the emotion of the song while he’s surrounded by his backup dancers.

This next clip is where Yoon Jisung shows his professionalism and class. The singer steps up onto the futon to have a moment to sing out his song. While he’s standing up, however, the futon gives way and collapses down onto the floor. Yoon Jisung can be seen getting startled for a split second, but he continues on with the rest of the song like nothing ever happened.

Netizens were impressed by his nonchalant attitude at the situation and expressed their admiration for his professionalism.

| theqoo
  • “He’s such a professional. He was probably startled, but I’m glad he didn’t get hurt.”
  • “His live is really cool…Yoon Jisung is awesome! He’s such a pro.”
  • “Wow, that’s amazing.”
  • “Wow, I saw the title and came to look at the clip. I didn’t even notice the futon collapse. What a pro.”
  • Wow I’m glad he didn’t hurt. If that were me, I would have cursed beyond belief that articles would be written.”
  • “He’s a professional. I’m really glad he didn’t get hurt. But really, if that were me, I would curse so much it’d be a broadcast scandal.”

Yoon Jisung recently made his highly awaited comeback with “LOVE SONG,” which has been receiving positive feedback nationwide. You can check out his performance of the song on Music Bank down below.

Source: theqoo and Image