Former Produce X 101 Trainee Yoon Seobin Apologizes For Recent Controversy

He clarified rumors and apologized to everyone.

Trainee Yoon Seobin, who was recently kicked out of JYP Entertainment and Produce X 101, has spoken up about his controversial past.


In regard to the photos that were spread through an online community, Yoon Seobin stated that he did play a lot when he was in school and was reflecting upon his actions. He also apologized to JYP Entertainment and Produce X 101.

It is true I played a lot during my school days. I continue to reflect upon myself in this respect. I am very sorry towards JYP Entertainment and the Produce X 101  staff for the situation.

ㅡ Yoon Seobin


He also clarified rumors claiming he changed his name from Yoon Byung Hwi to Yoon Seobin and dropped out of school in order to renew his identity.

I didn’t change my name and drop out of school to renew my identity. (My name) has always been difficult to pronounce and my parents were told that it was not a good name by a fortune teller so that’s why I changed it. Also, I dropped out of school because when I was in my 2nd year of high school and signed as a trainee under a different company, it was too difficult to go back and forth between Gwangju and Seoul.

ㅡ Yoon Seobin


In response to his accusations of school violence, he apologized for causing the situation and apologized to those who may have been affected.

I’m sorry. Regardless of the reason, it is my fault for making this situation and I am sorry. But there is no record of any school violence in my school’s student record. I haven’t received any calls demanding an apology (from those affected after the broadcast) but I am sorry.

ㅡ Yoon Seobin


Yoo Seobin concluded by apologizing once again for creating the controversy.

I am sorry for causing a big controversy when I am only a trainee. I am back in my hometown but I can’t go online and I can’t meet anyone. I can’t do anything because I feel like the public will not see me in a good light no matter what I do. I’m simply sorry towards everyone.

ㅡ Yoon Seobin


Yoon Seobin was the #1 spot winner on Mnet‘s Produce X 101 until rumors claiming he was an infamous school bully in his school days began spreading. Soon after, he was kicked out of both his agency JYP Entertainment and the program.

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