Yoona Begs Sasaengs To Leave Her Alone After They Hack Her Instagram

“Please do not allow my private information to be changed.”

It appears that Yoona was attacked by sasaeng fans, yet again. This time, they’ve taken over her Instagram and changed her password.

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sasaeng fan is an over-obsessive fan who stalks or invades the privacy of their idol.


Finally, Yoona took it upon herself to post a message and beg them to leave her alone. The message was posted on Yoona’s Instagram Story.

“I don’t know since when but my Instagram account password has been changed and I cannot log in to my account…It’s become impossible to re-access my account. The same thing happened yesterday. This type of situation is occurring frequently in a private space I use to communicate with my fans. This has happened numerous times not only on Instagram and due to the inconvenience and my worries, I must say this. Please do not allow my private information to be changed.” — Yoona


This was not the first time Yoona revealed her frustrations about sasaeng fans. On an episode of Happy Together 3, Yoona once told the frightening story of a creepy sasaeng fan who had basically stalked her.


She once returned home late from her drama shooting and just as she was trying to open the door to her apartment, a man came walking down the stairs and headed straight towards her! Luckily, Yoona was able to get safely into her apartment but the man stayed in front of her house until morning!


Fans have been sympathizing with Yoona and expressing their frustrations towards these sasaeng fans through comments as well.

  • “Their basically potential criminals. SM sasaengs in particular, whether it be for female or male idols, all seem like their crazy. What’s wrong with them?”
  • “Those who stand up for sasaengs even after hearing this are potential criminals. Imagine someone is following you around and hacking your accounts. It’s so creepy and scary that you probably won’t even be able to sleep.”
  • Xiumin once changed his password and made it really difficult so no one can hack his Instagram password and then eventually forgot it himself…seriously, what a job.”
  • “SM needs to first and foremost send these sasaengs away. They’re not fans. They’re criminals.”
  • “Those a**holes.”
  • “Please punish these sasaengs. They’re not fans.”
  • “They’re not potential criminals, they’re just criminals lol.”
  • Sasaengs have no consciences. It’s not only once or twice this has happened. Even for Girls’ Generation, many members have already had their Instagrams hacked.”
  • “Let’s sue them, please.”
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