Netizens React To Girls’ Generation Yoona’s Acting In “King The Land”

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Girls’ Generation’s Yoona is garnering attention for her acting in the hit K-Drama, King The Land.

Yoona | JTBC

The K-Drama, which was highly anticipated for pairing highly touted talents Yoona and Lee Jun Ho, has lived up to the hype in its inaugural four episodes.

Fans have praised the drama for its feel-good story following a hotel heir and his incredibly capable employee, which has carried over to the show’s rating as its latest episode saw ratings of 9.6%.

Ratings for King The Land | Naver

Considering the drama is airing on cable network JTBC, the fact that it is nearing the elusive double-figure mark attests to audiences’ reception of the drama.

Among the K-Drama’s highlights is undoubtedly Yoona’s performance. The idol, whose acting has been praised many times before, once again proved her acting chops were bonafide.

Netizens praised Yoona for her portrayal of Cheon Sa Rang, a sharp, witty, and capable employee, who goes toe-to-toe with Lee Jun Ho’s character, Goo Won, the chic and charismatic heir to the King Hotel.

  • “She’s so lovely and is really good acting too, LOL.”
  • “This drama wins thanks to Yoona’s beauty and acting.”
  • “She’s literally Cheon Sa Rang.”
  • “She’s so pretty, LOL.”
  • “Yoona matches the drama so well, LOL.”
  • “She’s the perfect match for Sa Rang, LOL.”
  • “She is the perfect match (for Sa Rang) ㅠㅠ. I think I am becoming a fan.”
  • “Yoona is making this drama make sense to me, LOL. She’s so pretty and lovely.”

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