TREASURE’s Yoshi Shocks Fans With New Hair Color

It’s his fourth hair color since the start of 2021!

TREASURE‘s Yoshi has had three different hair colors already this year. As a result, Teumes were not expecting a fourth color change already. Fans are now shook after seeing photos of him circulating online sporting what appears to be black hair! Although, some are speculating it might actually be “grayish.”

| @fillup_ys/Twitter

It’s been a couple years since the last time Yoshi had black hair. If this be the return, we’re here for it!

| TREASURE’s Yoshi in 2018

And if the new hair wasn’t enough to make you swoon– he’s wearing a suit and tie too!

Since Yoshi had just been seen with dirty blonde hair yesterday, none of us were expecting this.

However, we are definitely not complaining. 😉

Source: @fillup_ys/Twitter