“Minari” Actress Youn Yuh Jung Had The Most Savage Response To A Reporter Who Asked Her What Brad Pitt Smells Like

Youn Yuh Jung, everyone! 👏

Youn Yuh Jung had an eventful night as she became the first Korean to win an Academy Award in the acting division, taking home the trophy for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Minari.

After she won the award, she met with press backstage for a short interview. One reporter couldn’t help but note her interaction with Brad Pitt, one of the founders of Plan B Entertainment. The production company was the executive producer of Minari.

This is your first American film, and you win an Oscar. And as you just talked about, it was given to you by Brad Pitt. And we saw you guys have a conversation as you walked off stage.

— Reporter

Brad Pitt | ABC

The reporter raised her question, “So I have to ask you: what did you guys talk about and what did he smell like?”

Youn Yuh Jung’s reply was simple and absolutely perfect!

I did not smell him. I’m not dog.

— Youn Yuh Jung

Netizens online loved her witty response to the question. They noted that the press should have focused on Youn Yuh Jung’s achievements as an actress who just reached a career milestone over her thoughts on another celebrity.

She gained many new fans just by being herself!

Her comedic timing made netizens want to see her star in a lighthearted comedy!

Of course, her old fans already recognized her savage personality from past interviews and shows.

Youn Yuh Jung previously cued Brad Pitt in her Oscars-winning speech, saying it was an honor to finally meet him.

Mr. Brad Pitt, finally! Nice to meet you. Where were you when we were filming? It’s an honor to meet you.

— Youn Yuh Jung

Check out the full interview below.

Source: YouTube