Youn Yuh Jung Showcases Her Wittiness While Calling Out Hollywood During The 2022 Oscars

It all links to last year’s ceremony!

When it comes to iconic actresses, you can’t miss out on Youn Yuh Jung. Not only is she one of the most talented actresses, showcasing her skills in so many genres, but she also has the charisma to match. Youn Yuh Jung recently made an appearance at the 2022 Oscars and stole the show for many reasons.

This year, Youn Yuh Jung presented the “Best Supporting Actor” award. Before she read out the names of the nominees, she touched upon something that happened last year during the event.

Last year, I complained about mispronouncing my name publically…

— Youn Yuh Jung

| ABC/ YouTube 

She then went on to joke that although she “complained” last year at the Oscars when her name wasn’t pronounced right, she understood how they felt because she was going to struggle with all the more “Western names” in the category.

I am sorry because I’ve looked at the nominees of the incredible actors in this category, and now, I have to pronounce them. Please forgive me.

— Youn Yuh Jung

| ABC/ YouTube
| ABC/ YouTube   

If anyone was confused by the reference, it was a joke referring to last year’s Oscars awards show when Brad Pitt read her name wrong after she won “Best Supporting Actor.”

As you know, I’m from Korea. Actually, my name is Yuh-Jung Youn. Most of Europe call me Yuh Youn, and some of them call me Yuh-Jung. But tonight, you are all forgiven.

— Youn Yuh Jung

It seems as if Youn Yuh Jung was joking about how she would struggle to say the names of Western actors but was trying her hardest. Whereas, whenever Western celebrities pronounce Korean names, there doesn’t seem to be any effort to learn the correct pronunciation.

Yet, along with her witty remark, the ability to take time out to know about those actors you are going to be speaking about was shown. Youn Yuh Jung gained attention for her thoughtful behavior towards the award’s winner Troy Kotsur, who became the first Deaf man to win an acting Oscar.

Once again, Youn Yuh Jung has showcased why she is still one of the most-loved actresses worldwide. Not only does she show grace and respect to those around her, but she also finds the perfect way to hit back at those who have done wrong.

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