A young G-Dragon may have started the “finger hearts” trend in South Korea

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon provided a humorous claim that he may have been the one to start the “finger hearts” trend in South Korea. 

On October 5th, G-Dragon updated his personal Instagram with an interesting photo from his childhood. G-Dragon posted a cropped version featuring his younger self, smiling brightly towards the camera with his fingers posed into a small heart. The update further came with the caption saying, “Finger Hearts.” The post led fans to jokingly speculate if the pose was started by G-Dragon, himself, calling the artist a trendy genius.

Korean idols these days can be mostly seen with “finger hearts,” a trend that allows them to conveniently send love to their fans.

Currently, G-Dragon remains busy for promoting his clothing line, PEACEMINUSONE, and joining BIGBANG to prepare for their highly speculated return.

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Source: Dispatch