Younha Describes Her Collaboration With BTS’s RM As The Most Memorable

She praised RM’s work ethic and attention to detail.

Earlier this year, Younha and BTS‘s RM released “Winter Flower” which showcased their phenomenal chemistry as two very talented artists of the music industry.

And in a recent interview with Get TV, Younha described her collaboration with RM as the most memorable.

I think my collaboration with RM left the biggest impression.

— Younha

According to Younha, RM was very involved in their collaboration despite being abroad for BTS’s activities.

He was traveling all over the world at the time. So he sent me emails that were this long.

— Younha

She even gave RM credit for the depth and meaning of “Winter Flower.”

RM played a large part in the depth of the song. He created a lot of those details. I’m really thankful to him about that.

— Younha

Younha commended RM for just how detailed he is when it comes to his work.

He’s very, very detailed. With every single mix or tune, he’s so detailed.

— Younha

But the interviewer expressed that that’s probably what makes him the great artist that he is today.

That’s probably what you have to do to top the Billboard charts. I have much to learn from him.

— Interviewer

And Younha fully agreed.

Great artists are different.

— Younha

Check out the full interview below: