YouTube Places Age Restriction On BTS Suga’s “AMYGDALA” Music Video, Fans Have Mixed Reactions

Here’s why some agree and others don’t.

Video sharing platform YouTube has placed an age restriction on BTS Suga‘s recent track. Yesterday, the world-famous artist dropped the music video to his song, “AMYGDALA,” which is from his first solo album, D-DAY.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Immediately, fans noticed that it was age restricted on YouTube, meaning anyone under the age of 15 cannot view it.

Age restriction warning on Suga’s MV

ARMYs found that they must be logged in to confirm that they wish to proceed with watching it. The YouTube warning cited that the video “may contain topics related to suicide or self-harm.”

Content warning on Suga’s MV

Fans had mixed reactions to the restriction. On one hand, they pointed out that this will severely limit the number of people who will see the MV as it will not be suggested on other users’ front page and sidebar.

As such, there were ARMYs who sent messages to YouTube asking to lift the restriction, arguing that the song has no lyrics about suicide and contains no violent content.

Additionally, some were upset that the platform does not restrict “very explicit MVs about sex, money, and drugs” yet does so for what they described as a “suicide-themed MV.”

However, many ARMYs felt that it was the right decision. They said that it is a traumatic video that needs to have a warning label. They believe that Suga’s foremost goal is to tell his story, not to earn many views and top charts.

Finally, fans wanted others to know that they shouldn’t feel bad if they cannot view the music video due to its sensitive content. “Take care of yourself,” they reminded each other.


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