YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Expresses Her Excitement For BTS’s “Permission To Dance” #Shorts Challenge And ARMYs Are Conflicted

“Susan, our relationship isn’t the best, but okay.”

On July 19, ARMYs were shocked when they saw that Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, had tweeted out her support for BTS‘s “Permission To Dance” as well as an article about a new challenge fans can participate in on YouTube Shorts.

While it’s normally celebrated when any person with a blue checkmark praises BTS for their music, ARMYs aren’t too thrilled about Susan in particular because YouTube has been suspected of unfairly deleting views from BTS’s music videos in the past.

Even though the official Twitter account of the YouTube team has responded to the allegations before, (back when “ON” was released last year, for example) ARMYs weren’t satisfied with their statement.

Therefore, some ARMYs are apprehensive to believe that Susan is actually a fan of BTS, reminding others of the past controversies involving YouTube’s view verification process.

On the other hand, quite a few ARMYs are hopeful that Susan has potentially joined the fandom herself, crossing their fingers that there won’t be any tension between BTS fans and YouTube in the future!

And hilariously enough, there are a handful of ARMYs who thought that Susan was a made-up name for fans to use when referring to YouTube, totally unaware she was a real person until now!

What do you think about the whole situation?