YouTuber Aori Shares The Video Of Her Ex-Husband And “Mistress” Cuddling

It’s shocking to us all.

In a recent interview, YouTuber Aori, also known as Kim Min Young, clears up misunderstandings about her divorce with her former husband and reveals a video of him and his “mistress” snuggling—a video she shot herself.

Seo Ju Won (left) and Aori (right) | news1

Aori posted a video in January revealing that she divorced her former husband, Seo Ju Won, because he had cheated on her multiple times and had asked for a large amount of money in the divorce. 

Following the shocking news, there was a game of “He Said, She Said” where Aori claimed things to be true that Seo Ju Won claimed did not happen and vice versa.

Aori | aori/YouTube

We got divorced in October of 2022.

— Aori

However, in an interview with the YouTube channel Caracula Detective, Aori clarifies things that Seo Ju Won stated in his interview with the same YouTube channel which was posted three days prior to hers.

Aori | Caracula Detective/YouTube

I was originally not going to do this interview, but I thought that if I didn’t, there would be so many misunderstandings…

— Aori

In Seo Ju Won’s interview with Caracula Detective, he claimed that the reason behind their divorce was not because he cheated, but because of “differences in personality”. He claimed that he started meeting his “mistress” after he and Aori had decided to get divorced—however, he also admitted that because it was before his divorce was finalized, what he did could technically be considered cheating.

Seo Ju Won | Caracula Detective/YouTube

So when people say, ‘So did you or did you not cheat before your divorce was finalized?’
I have nothing to say…

— Seo Ju Won

In response to this statement, Aori stated that the two had conflicts about his interactions with women in the past. In one specific case, she said Seo Ju Won lived in Jeju for a month in February (before she filed for divorce), and she had reasons to be “suspicious of extramarital affairs” which only deepened their conflicts.

Aori | Caracula Detective/YouTube

We had problems about him and other women since we were newlyweds…

— Aori

Aori then revealed a video that she shot of her former husband and his “mistress” snuggling at his Michelin-starred restaurant which was cancelled with one-star ratings because of this scandal.

When she heard that Seo Ju Won was at the restaurant, she went there to speak with him but to her surprise, she saw him and his “mistress” cuddling close—but what was more shocking to her was that a mutual friend of hers and Seo Ju Won’s was also there.

Aori | Caracula Detective/YouTube

I saw them hugging each other and saw they were sitting at a table for four, and in front of them was a friend of Seo Ju Won that I was also close with.

— Aori

This was not the first time this happened: she shared that she once saw a photo of him in Jeju, camping with his “mistress” and a married couple that Aori was good friends with. This broke her as she realized that “everybody knows except [her]” and she admitted that it was the most difficult thing she has had to endure in her life.

She continued with the interview stating that she still held onto the relationship because she believed that she could somehow change him by loving him—then she burst into tears.

Aori | Caracula Detective/YouTube

‘I thought that if someone who has received a lot of love could overflow their love to someone who hasn’t received enough, it can change a person…’

In the end, Aori bursts into tears…

— Aori on Caracula Detective

Here is the video she took of her former husband and his “mistress” at his restaurant.

Footage of Seo Ju Won and “Mistress” | Caracula Detective/YouTube

The video Aori filmed at Myomi (the restaurant)
(What is her left hand touching…)

— Video from Caracula Detective’s YouTube channel

When asked if she feels any resentment towards the “mistress”, Aori responded that she does not and that she is only suing her in order to clarify the facts of what happened in the divorce.

She also confessed that she wishes this is her last interview about this controversy and that Seo Ju Won would stop as well, as nothing good will come from it.







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