YouTuber Criticized For Alleging Sullyoon And NCT Jisung Are Dating

“If you have nothing nice to say…”

YouTube Channel Sojang is getting blasted by fans for the channel’s latest video claiming NMIXX‘s Sullyoon is dating NCT‘s Jisung.

Thumbnail for YouTube Video “Sullyoon’s cellphone picture exposed… relationship with NCT Member?” | Sojang/YouTube

YouTube channel Sojang is infamous among Korean K-pop fans for starting wild rumors about idols for views. However, fans say the channel has taken a step too far in its rumor peddling.

Sojang | Sojang/YouTube

On April 4, the channel uploaded a video titled, “NMIXX Sullyoon’s phone wallpaper released… Relationship with NCT member?”

In the video, the channel starts by bashing NMIXX’s album sales, streaming numbers, and chart position, saying, “Sullyoon is the only member that is getting any attention.”

Sullyoon | Inkigayo/SBS

The video then claims that Sullyoon has been rumored to have a boyfriend. The channel then alleges that Sullyoon recently had her phone wallpaper exposed and that fans are saying it is either NCT Jisung or Monsta X‘s Shownu.

Sullyoon’s cellphone | Wikitree

The problem stems from the fact that Sullyoon has already proved this rumor to be false, even going as far as personally proving that the picture in her phone isn’t either of the aforementioned male idols but a photo of herself.

Sullyoon | Wikitree

Fans criticized the channel’s latest video regarding Sullyoon, writing, “This channel is famous,” “Can’t YouTube stop them?” and, “The labels need to sue the channel together.”

This isn’t the first time the channel has been embroiled in controversy. The channel has made videos regarding unfounded rumors surrounding BTS‘s V and Jang Won Young. BTS’s V is said to have said he would consider legal action against the channel on Weverse last year.

If you would like to watch the video, check it out below.

Source: Wikitree