Netizens Are Shocked To Find Out YouTuber Dan Howell Is A K-Pop Multi-Stan As He Reveals His Biases

He’s actually been a K-Pop fan for a decade!

Netizens are shocked to find out YouTuber Daniel Howell (formerly known as Dan Howell or danisnotonfire) is a major K-Pop multi-stan!

Dan Howell | Pomona PR

Recently, Dan Howell appeared on Hits Radio to answer internet questions. He ended up mainly roasting tweets and revealing his K-Pop biases.

He corrected an ARMY’s theory that his BTS bias is Suga or Jin. He’s actually more OT7.

No, guys. You don’t know. Firstly, BTS… I don’t have one particular…

— Dan Howell

Dan did say that if he had to choose a BTS bias, it might be J-Hope. He especially loved his solo album Jack in the Box and couldn’t stop praising it.

But, right now, I guess I’d say J-Hope. I don’t know why. He made that album, and it’s good. A lot of people, I feel like they don’t give K-Pop stars credit for the lane they’re trying to go down, and I was like this is a good rap album.

— Dan Howell

Still, Dan had to shout out his ult K-Pop bias, though. He loves SHINee‘s Taemin!

But as you should know by now my ultimate K-Pop bias is Taemin. Taste. Thank you very much. I will not be having fights in the comments about this.

— Dan Howell

Later in the video, he also responded to a tweet that read, “why do ppl keep saying dan howell likes skz what i miss?” Also, it should be noted he immediately recognized “skz” as “Stray Kids.” So, it’s definitely safe to say he is a STAY.

Dan explained that “Manic” by Stray Kids is featured on his tour’s pre-show playlist, which he personally put together.

They’re on the pre-show playlist. You missed out on that. There is nothing more important before a show than cultivating the vibe in the room, and I’ve put together the world’s most immaculate Spotify playlist, and I think ‘Maniac’ by Stray Kids is on it because I asked people, ‘What are the edgiest, doomiest K-Pop songs?’ And then they all said that. So, taste. Thank you.

— Dan Howell

Fans of the respective groups were totally shook to realize Dan Howell was one of them.

Yet, Dan Howell has actually been a fan of K-Pop for longer than even some of us.

People criticize it for being manufactured or whatever or all being the same. But at the end of the day, you can’t deny talent. No matter what when it comes to K-Pop, you can criticize a lot of things but you can’t criticize the talent or the styling or the music videos.

— Daniel Howell

Dan and Phil | REACT/YouTube via Tumblr

For at least a decade, he has been a proud Shawol. Who can blame him?

In 2012, he even took printed pictures of Jonghyun as a reference for what he wanted his hair to look like when he got a haircut.

| danielhowell/Tumblr

In later years, he also got interested in BTS. Soon enough, he became ARMY, just like us.

Read more about Dan’s K-Pop journey below.

YouTuber Daniel Howell Is A K-Pop Stan And Loves SHINee

Watch the full video below.

Source: Hits Radio

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