YouTuber Comes Under Fire After Making Inappropriate Comments About The NewJeans’ Members’ Bodies

“Body shaming kids is disgusting…”

One of the most popular and rising groups in K-Pop has to be NewJeans. Since debuting in 2022, the members have impressed netizens with their talent and charisma on stage.

Members of NewJeans | @Newjeans_ADOR/Twitter

Although the group has a lot of popularity, their debut was met with a lot of mixed reactions.

Many criticized the young ages of the members. One of their first tracks, “Cookie,” came under fire as it was deemed to have sexual connotations, which were inappropriate considering the age of the members.


| HYBE LABELS/YouTube   

Last month, the YouTube channel en h released a video where the pair were reacting to the “Cookie” video.

From the beginning, the male host was seemingly not as excited as his co-host, and before the video even started, he asked, “Are these all little Asian chicks?”

Yet, the reason it has suddenly gained negative attention was after a clip got shared on TikTok where one of the hosts was accused of making inappropriate comments towards the young members.

During one part of the song, the male host pointed out rather bluntly, “They look like stick figures dancing.” His co-host didn’t seem impressed by the comment…

So she paused the video, and while he apologized, he made things seemingly worse by saying, “I’m sorry, I could not look-.”

Luckily, the female host hit back, arguing, “Okay, not every man just looks at a female and like dates for their body, some date for personality and who they are.”

Yet, while she continued to defend the girls, even adding that they would grow, the male host continued to speak about the members’ bodies, repeating, “That’s skin and bones dancing around.”

Although it was posted a month ago, it was recently shared on TikTok. The comments were fans sharing how uncomfortable they felt seeing a man body-shaming young girls and only focusing on their visuals in the video.

After the video was posted, fans went to the original video. Many shared their anger at the attitude towards the young members but also praised the female host for her response.

Although the YouTube channel has responded to comments and interacted with those calling out the male host, he has yet to respond to the criticisms personally.


Source: MIX-ONE Essentials and iyg_jj