Popular Korean YouTuber, Jo Du Pal Reveals That She Has Been The Victim Of Abuse By Her Boyfriend

She revealed the truth.

Popular Korean YouTuber, Jo Du Pal, recently shared on a now-deleted Instagram post that she has been suffering from date violence. She called out her boyfriend for abusing her through the time that they were dating.

Jo Du Pal revealed that “Despite knowing what he did to me in the past, I was so thankful that there was someone who was loving me and liking me that I anticipated, but not expected, him to change and dated him. But that period of dating was the worst time in my life.

| @whgekwhtnwls/Instagram

She further shared that she was living with him and even planned on getting married to him in the future. That was just how much she loved him. However, as time went by, she began to distrust him more due to his actions and ultimately all their trust was broken.

She tragically revealed that as they continued to fight, each time his actions and habits got worse and worse, until it reached the bottom of the pit. When he got drunk, he would choke her and hit her.

The post has since been deleted from her social media. Jo Du Pal is a YouTuber with over 423,000 subscribers and shares comedic videos as well as details on her plastic surgery. Check out her video with her boyfriend below. She has not shared if they have broken up officially or not.

Source: Star Today
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