A Famous YouTuber Turns Out To Have Known aespa’s Karina Personally And Urges People To Support Her

Her younger sister is friends with Karina.

A famous YouTuber who goes by the name of Ana Chaerim has recently spoken out on her personal social media to support aespa‘s Karina. Ana claims to know Karina personally from school as they both attended Hansol High School.

Ana posted on her Snapchat, to say that the Karina she knows is one that has a great personality and that haters will always try to bring successful people down.

She also stated that her own younger sister, who is Karina’s age, was friends with Karina. Ana’s sister told her that Karina was already famous in school for being pretty, and that many people were rooting for her success. She also revealed that Karina’s friends were also sad to see Karina being weighed down with so many rumors and malicious comments.

Ana Chaerim is a Korean student who posts videos on YouTube catered to the Arab audience. Her videos often receive views of over 100,000.

She graduated in 2017 from Karina’s high school and posted a photo of her graduation certificate to prove it.

It looks like people will always try to drag successful people down. Meanwhile, aespa is seeing great results with their debut song, “Black Mamba”. Take a listen to it below.

Source: theqoo