This YouTuber Is Receiving A Ton Of Hate For Having An Unsuccessful Diet After Losing Only 12 Pounds

Her personal trainer is getting attacked as well.

Famous Korean YouTuber Holy is making headlines for her 3 month long diet, but not in the way that you would think.

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YouTuber Holy is usually known for her make up tutorials, but she is also known to have a variety of different content on her channel. From vlogs to food to make up tutorials, she has amassed an impressive following of almost 600,000 followers due to her various types of videos. Recently, she paired up with another YouTuber, JJ who is known for her fitness related content, to tackle a new genre of content. The two worked together to take on a 3 month journey for Holy to lose weight.

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In the 11 episode series called, Save Me Fat, the two content creators documented the process of Holy’s weight loss transformation. In the last episode, which was released two weeks ago, Holy surprised viewers by showing off her new body after losing 12 pounds. Much to her surprise, however, viewers and netizens alike showed their disappointment, criticizing the YouTuber for not shedding more weight.

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Netizens attacked Holy, stating that she did not take the diet seriously and that if she did, she would have lost more than just 12 pounds. Netizens left comments such as, “if you only lost 12 pounds during 3-4 months, this is considered a failure”“didn’t you film a mukbang during your diet”, “how can you consider this a success” and “this was the laziest effort for a diet”.

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The criticisms became so intense that both Holy and JJ decided that they needed to address it all. Personal trainer JJ, who has also been targeted with malicious comments, took all the blame for herself in a YouTube video titled, To All The Disappointed Viewers of ‘Save Me Fat’. She apologized stating,

All the blame and disappointment should be targeted towards me. I believe that as the trainer, I should take responsibility. I’m sorry for all the disappointment that was caused.

— JJ

The situation, however, was made worse as Holy kept quiet for two weeks after the initial start of the controversy. She finally responded in the comment section of JJ’s video to address all the backlash.

I’m aware that keeping silent for two weeks made the situation worse. I’ve never faced this type of situation before. I didn’t know what the appropriate action would be and trying to figure that out drove me crazy.

— Holy


The make-up guru continued on with her comment by clarifying why she didn’t speak up sooner.

I wanted to take this time to clarify some things. I typed up comments multiple times a day, editing them, thinking about if I should upload them or not. My emotions got blurry and skewed that I didn’t know what I should say. That is why I needed more time. At the time, there were also news reports that were released and I went through all the comments without a filter. I felt extremely shameful.

— Holy

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She further revealed how she felt reading through the comments and shares the deep sense of self doubt that flooded her. She also shares who she felt most apologetic to.

After reading a comment that said, ‘that foolish b**ch’ I wondered to myself, oh is that who I am? I couldn’t get myself to go to work or home. The words ‘irresponsible’, ‘stupid’ and ‘weak’ were the hardest to overcome. More than anything, I felt most sorry to my family, friends and co-workers whose faces have been revealed. To those who encouraged me and loved me, I’m sorry.

— Holy

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We hope that the talented make up guru will recover from all the unwarranted malicious comments.

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