YouTuber Who Reportedly Harassed ITZY’s Chaeryeong Releases Statement

The YouTuber is alleged to have harassed ITZY’s Chaeryeong during a flight.

YouTuber Kagwang, who is facing backlash for allegedly harassing ITZY‘s Chaeryeong, released a statement.

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On February 23, the YouTuber released a statement via his blog. In the statement, the YouTuber denies harassing Chaeryeong.

According to the YouTuber, he was at the airport lounge when his viewers told him that he was in the same airport as ITZY.

While helping myself to the free whiskey, cola, and buffet at the lounge, I realized my chat room was full of comments stating I was in the same airport as ITZY, so I asked who ITZY was and if they were more famous than Geum Bo Ra, and that in my day (the popular group) was Taesaja

— Kagwang

The YouTuber then stated it was only after stating this that his viewers told him that ITZY probably had heard what he said.

The audience told me after the fact that ITZY was in the seat next to me and had probably heard everything. An ITZY member changed seats when after making eye contact, I asked if she was a celebrity.

— Kagwang

Kagwang then stated that he tried speaking with one of the ITZY members, but their manager stepped in and blocked him.

When I tried talking to her, her manager stopped me. Although it was by coincidence because I sat next to them at the airport lounge and because we were on the same flight, I think they thought I was a sasaeng fan.

— Kagwang

The YouTuber then denied that he made a scene during the flight.

I, of course, did not make a scene on the flight. I (spoke) in a voice as if I was speaking to someone next to me. Business Class seats are separted, so you have to speak loudly for someone to hear you.

— Kagwang

Kagwang then ended his statement by apologizing to ITZY’s fans and criticizing media outlets who reported on the story earlier.

To those who reported before listening to the agency or my statement, I will press charges for defamation. To ITZY fans who felt uncomfortable about me talking about Taesaja, I apologize.

— Kagwang

Previously it was reported that Kagwang had been criticized for allegedly harassing ITZY’s Chaeryeong while filming a livestream during a flight. The YouTuber reportedly sang the group’s song and had pretended to talk on the phone with JYP Entertainment‘s founder, Park Jin Young. JYP Entertainment has not made any statements regarding this incident. Stay tuned for updates.

YouTuber Faces Backlash For Harassing ITZY’s Chaeryeong During A Flight


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