Beauty YouTuber Risabae Stuns With Her Transformation Into “Street Woman Fighter” Dancer No:ze

This is absolute sorcery.

Popular beauty YouTuber and makeup artist Risabae is back with yet, another amazing transformation!

Makeup artist and YouTuber, Risabae | @risabae_art/Instagram

The talented 33-year-old has impressed with her previous makeup transformations, as she possesses the magical ability to digest the looks of dozens of different stars. Risabae previously made headlines for transforming into MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa(G)I-DLE‘s MinnieIU, and Sunmi.

Risabae as Minnie (left) and (G)I-DLE’s Minnie (right) | @risabae_art, CUBE Entertainment

And her most recent makeup look was no different from before. Risabae’s newest transformation was inspired by one of the very talented dancers on Mnet‘s hottest program, Street Woman Fighter. She uploaded this very photo onto her Instagram and the response has been hot from all of her followers.

Risabae as no:ze | @risabae_art/Instagram

The Street Woman Fighter dancer that Risabae transformed into is none other than….






… the beautiful no:ze from WAYB!

Dancer no:ze | @noze_wayb/Instagram

Her transformation caught the eye of no:ze herself, as the dancer left a comment of disbelief under Risabae’s photo.

No:ze’s comment under Risabae’s tranformation photo | @risabae_art/Instagram

Here is Risabae’s transformation next to an actual photo of no:ze. The resemblance and makeup are spot on!

Risabae as no:ze (left) and no:ze (right).

While we’ve seen Risabae’s impressive makeup looks numerous times before, we don’t think we’ll ever tire of the crazy transformations she does. What a talented lady!

Source: WikiTree