A YouTuber Tested Out The Tug-Of-War Strategy From “Squid Game,” And Here Are The Results

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One of the unique aspects of the Netflix series Squid Game is viewers’ connection to the K-Drama. Despite its dark nature and violent imagery, there is something innocent and nostalgic about the games played throughout. In particular, many people worldwide will know about the classic tug-of-war played in episode 5.

Despite being at a disadvantage, the main characters manage to beat a formidable team with the help of some quick thinking and logical thinking.

One YouTuber has recently gained attention after posting a video testing whether the strategy worked. For the test, he took a team of men (called “Toy Soldiers” and another with a more diverse lineup (called “Money Game”), similar to that in the series.

Both teams started by playing the game without any strategy or thought behind it. As traditionally expected, “Fake Men” got the win with their strength, and one of the members even joked that they didn’t even try their hardest.

Team “Money Game” then tried to incorporate the tactics from Player 001. It included having your feet facing forward, holding the ropes under the armpit, and holding their ground for the first ten seconds by almost lying down in their stance.

After using this strategy, the team followed the old man’s advice by catching the team unaware and pulling with all of their strength.

Unfortunately, despite the effectiveness seen in the K-Drama, it didn’t seem to work as well for this team. Although one of the “Toy Soldiers” members explained that he felt more strength using the tactic of leaning back 90 degrees, they weren’t trying their hardest until “Money Game” started to pull.

It was a similar result when the team tried the added strategy of taking two steps forward, allowing the opposing team to stumble and then trying to get the win.

Even after mixing the teams up again and evenly distributing the weight more, although the stepping approach seemed more effective, it wasn’t enough for the more diverse group to get the win.

Although many deemed the experiment flawed due to the participants knowing the background of the tactics, it still showcased some things about the game. Although it didn’t seem as effective as in Squid Game, the host explained that there was some logic to the steps, as shown by the participant’s feelings.

Despite it not working, many viewers praised the people involved and wondered whether it would work in a more scientific setting, using all of the strategies showcased in the show. You can watch the whole video below.

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