Twitch Streamer Under Massive Fire for Sexually Harassing IU on Live Broadcast

“This is wrong no matter how big of a fan he is.” – Netizen

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

Twitch streamer and YouTuber, Yang Joo Hwan, also known as BJ Tubo, has come under massive fire for sexually harassing IU live on air.

BJ Tubo recently collaborated with Yoo Ji Young, also known as BJ Tomato for a live broadcast, and in the middle of a game of ideal type Olympics, Baek Ji Hoon, also known as BJ Bek, showed a photo of IU.

In response, BJ Tubo remarked, “Hey, I’ll put IU in” and made a thrusting gesture toward the camera.

Those who watched the broadcast reacted to the gesture with comments such as “He really crossed the line this time“, “I’m worried IU will feel hurt by this“, and “This is wrong no matter how big of a fan he is“.

Following the huge backlash, BJ Tubo posted a formal apology on his channel.

I feel apologetic for making you feel uncomfortable with my disgraceful action.

I will not flee from my mistake but rather face it head-on, and I’ll be sure to change my excessive image and concept so that such things do not occur again.

I apologize to IU and the other BJs for involving them in my remark, and I’ll be sure to give you separate apologies.

I’m truly sorry.

– BJ Tubo

IU and her agency have yet to address the controversy.


Source: Dispatch