Yuehua Entertainment Under Fire For Holding 24-Hour Audition The Same Day As IZ*ONE’s Disbandment Confirmation

Rumors speculate that Yuehua Entertainment may be one of the agencies responsible for IZ*ONE’s disbandment.

Here’s why Yuehua Entertainment is currently under fire for holding a “Speedy Audition” with promises to reply to all applicants within 24 hours.

On March 10, Yuehua Entertainment announced an opportunity most aspiring girl group stars could only dream of: a girls-only “Speedy Audition” where applicants will receive their results within 24 hours. The application period will run for two weeks until March 24, and auditionees only need to submit their personal details, a front-facing photo, and a video of their skills.

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Now, many fans of IZ*ONE are criticizing the company for its decision.

On the same day Yuehua Entertainment announced its audition on Instagram, Mnet recently issued a statement confirming that IZ*ONE will be disbanding in April as originally scheduled before they debuted. IZ*ONE’s main rapper, lead dancer, and lead vocalist Yena is currently signed to Yuehua Entertainment.

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As such, many fans are speculating that the agency may be rushing to find new trainees to debut a new girl group with Yena as its frontrunner. Up until now, most fans have assumed that Yena would be added to Yuehua Entertainment’s existing girl group, EVERGLOW, or debuted as a solo artist following IZ*ONE’s disbandment.

To make matters worse, rumors have recently been circulating among netizens that Yuehua Entertainment, Starship Entertainment (Yujin, Wonyoung), and 8D Creative (Hyewon) may be the only agencies that were opposed to extending IZ*ONE’s contract. Yuehua Entertainment and Starship Entertainment are also currently rejecting faxes and emails from IZ*ONE Fan Union regarding the group’s future.

Many WIZ*ONE’s fearing for Yena’s future under Yuehua Entertainment began joking that they should audition for the company to get inside access.

Other fans, however, believe that the current “Speedy Audition” may have nothing to do with Yena. While this is the only recent “Speedy Audition” targeted specifically at female trainees, Yuehua Entertainment has held several auditions with fast turnaround times over the past year.

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On top of that, the audition is calling for girls born between 2003 and 2018 (13 to 18 years old). Not only does the period seem to be in conflict with Yena’s age of almost 22, Yuehua Entertainment has never debuted a girl group idol younger than 17 years old.

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Combined with EVERGLOW debuting less than two years ago, many believe that this “Speedy Audition” is for a girl group that will debut in several years to come. Given that Yuehua Entertainment will likely want to debut Yena in the near future, it seems unlikely that she would be part of such a group.

Source: Yuehua Entertainment Korea Rookie Development Team (Instagram)


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