Yuju Returns To GFRIEND At The 2018 Melon Music Awards

She made her return to the group.

Many have wondered if she will ever be seen in public events with GFRIEND ever again but it seems like Yuju is back from her hiatus. 


On December 1, she was seen with the group attending the 2018 Melon Music Awards red carpet event held at the Goryeo Sky Dome in Seoul. 


This was one of her few public appearances since being absent from the group’s activities for over a month. Although there has been speculations as to the real reason of her departure, Source Music assured fans that Yuju wasn’t ill and fans need not worry.


In fact, fans were delighted to see her in her first appearance since her mysterious absence. Through GFRIEND’s recent live video session of course! 

GFRIEND’s Yuju Makes First Appearance Since Her Mysterious Absence


Could this be a start of Yuju’s return to the group? 


Source: MK Sports