Popular Singer Surprises Fans With A Pregnancy Announcement


Japanese K-Pop singer and actress Yukika Teramoto recently shared that she is expecting!

Yukika Teramoto | @yugopa216/Instagram

In a statement published on her Instagram account, Yukika shared that she and her husband were expecting a child in late spring!

Hello! Happy New Year! I hope 2024 is filled with good luck, peace, and happiness for you all. ✨ Also, while this is pretty personal, I’d like to share that my husband and I are now expecting a baby angel. I’m in the second trimester and believe I’ll give birth in late spring. I’ve been battling some hellish morning sickness, AND I was also mourning a loss. (In Japan, mourning lasts a whole year. I hope you understand.) So, I haven’t been able to share the news until now. Now that I’m in my 30s, I’m experiencing all kinds of new things. But my husband and I will continue facing them together and trying our best!✨

— Yukika

In December 2023, following the release of her city pop remake album Time-Lapse, Yukika announced that the album would likely be her final as she wasn’t sure “where life would take her.

Yukika began her entertainment career in Japan in 2006 and became known to K-Pop fans through her participation in The Idolmaster KR and Mixnine. She released her first solo K-Pop single in 2009.

The singer departed from her previous agency in 2022 and, in March 2023, married her now-husband, Kim Min Hyuk, a former member of MAP6.

Congratulations to the happy couple!