Popular Singer Announces Her Retirement, Fans Are Devastated 

She’s been active as a celebrity since she was 12!

Japanese K-Pop singer and actress Yukika Teramoto recently shared that she will likely not release another album.

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Yukika Teramoto started in the entertainment industry in 2006 in Japan, working as a model and making her acting debut in the live-action adaptation of ChocoMimi. In 2012, the star entered a hiatus to attend school after working as a voice actress.

Yukika (left, blue vest).

She would return to the industry in 2015, setting her sights on debuting in K-Pop. After successfully joining the cast of The Idolmaster KR, she was a member of Real Girls Project, a group formed for the show.

She also competed on the idol survival show MIX NINE during this time.

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After this, she continued her K-Pop career, releasing her debut city pop single, “Neon,” in 2019. Fans were initially thrilled when it was announced she would release another album nearly a year after her last single.

On December 1, Yukika announced she would release an album titled Time-Lapse but shocked many by saying it would likely be her final album.

“FINALLY! My album is out today. ✨
I finished working on this at the beginning of this year, and I’ve been waiting for its release, too!
At first, the plan was to release it last year. So, since then, I’ve been telling you all that an album was on the way. I’m sorry I ended up making you all wait so long. 🥲 Thank you all for your patience!
Also… I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of years now. And I’ve come to the conclusion that this album will be my last!
I don’t know what’s going to happen to my life after this…
But it was such an honor to cover all the beloved popular songs. And it was so rewarding to share my work as gifts for the fans who always rooted for me and looked forward to my releases. 🎁
Music lasts forever. ✨
Please give my album a listen. Thank you so much.”
— Yukika

Fans were understandably shocked and heartbroken, wishing the artist the best for her future and thanking her for the final release.

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Yukika departed from her previous agency in 2022 and, in March 2023, married her now-husband, Kim Min Hyuk, a former member of MAP6

Check out her new music video below.