Yulhee Details How Much Her Body Deteriorated While Raising 3 Babies At 24 Years Old

“It’s gotten so bad that I can’t believe how bad it is.” — Yulhee

Former LABOUM member, Yulhee recently shared some updates about her life as a mother of 3 babies at 24 years old, but what she confessed was enough to have fans very concerned.



In the video, Yulhee shared that she was coloring in order to prevent depressing thoughts from washing over her because she had a hard time sleeping after putting her babies to bed.

She also expressed how happy she was when she went out to eat meat with her husband recently.

But she revealed that she recently took a break from motherhood and went out to see friends.

We ate crab and ice cream while chatting. But it was 2 AM before we knew it. We did meet up late because they all work.

— Yulhee

Although she had fun, Yulhee made the devastating confession that her body just couldn’t handle the night of fun.

I was literally sick in bed for the next few days. My stamina just crashed and burned after I had children. It’s gotten so bad that I can’t believe how bad it is.

— Yulhee

According to the people she’s talked to, things get more difficult as the babies begin to crawl and walk.

But in Yulhee’s opinion, it was the hardest when she first gave birth.


Hopefully, that means things will start getting easier for her as time goes on!

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Check out the full vlog below:

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