Yulhee Warns Fans Against Fake Accounts On Instagram

She took fake accounts and hackers head on.

Former LABOUM member Yulhee told fans to be cautious with who they’re interacting with on social meida.


On October 14, Yulhee uploaded pictures of herself on Instagram, and included the following caption:


“Oh! Everybody, this is the only SNS account that I have been using to connect with everyone. If you see other sns accounts that have me, please ignore it.”

She further punctuated her point with the hashtags “Tik Tok” and “Stop impersonating me”, directly calling out those who have been trying to hack her identity.


Idols and privacy have almost always been an issue in the industry. This comes after a similar plea made by Girls’ Generation’s Yoona on October 13 , where she asked for protection from hackers who were trying to hack into her Instagram account and steal her personal information.


Hopefully, Yulhee got her message out in time to avoid any untoward incidents.