Here’s Who The Producers Of “Yumi’s Cells” Have In Mind For The Role Of Shin Soon Rok And It’s Highly Surprising

It’s going to be hard to scout him.

Yumi’s Cells has just wrapped up a successful second season. While fans fell in love with Ahn Bo Hyun as Gu Woong in season one…

Ahn Bo Hyun as Gu Woong. | tvN

…Yu Mi’s love interest in season two was played by GOT7‘s Jinyoung. Jinyoung played the role of Yoo Ba Bi, the perfect gentleman but not-so-perfect boyfriend.

Jinyoung as Ba Bi. | tvN

Jinyoung was highly praised for his acting skills and deep understanding of the character Ba Bi. In fact, he did so well that the producers for Yumi’s Cells are feeling pressure about who to cast for Yu Mi’s love interest in the potential season three. If we get a third season, it will likely introduce Shin Soon Rok, Yu Mi’s end game. According to the webtoon version, Yu Mi ends up marrying someone from her publishing company.

We caught a glimpse of Shin Soon Rok in the finale for season two. However, as we were only treated to a back view of the man, fans are in high anticipation as to who will be cast for the role. While the producers are still uncertain about a third season, they already have someone in mind for the role.

I can’t speak too definitely about season three. As the original work is so amazing, it was worth adapting it into a drama but also, because the original webtoon was too famous, I couldn’t help but be nervous. If we do a third season, I think that we will need more twists for Soon Rok. While we will retain his character, we will use plot twists to show the other relationships. Since we’ve not yet decided on things, we can’t tell you [who we think should play Soon Rok]. But if we end up doing season three, we’d have to discuss it again. As everyone knows, the cast for season two had to be prepared carefully as the moment we mention who’s casted, things blew up quickly.  I remember that while we were planning things, we hilariously mentioned that because both Ahn Bo Hyun for season on and Jinyoung in season two did so well that we’d have to bring over Timothée Chalamet or someone of that standard for season three.

Soon Rok isn’t perfect. He’s tall and is handsome but he hides it. He’s someone that knows how precious the things he likes are, so I hope that the actor that plays him will be someone that can pull this off well.

— Produce Lee Sang Yeob and Writer Song Jae Jung

Timothée Chalamet.

Timothée Chalamet would definitely be a bold choice. As one of the hottest stars in the Western world currently, his wild yet prince-like image would be perfect for Soon Rok. Unfortunately, such a talent would be hard to bring over for a leading role in. K-Drama given that he doesn’t speak the language! Looks like the producers should look elsewhere.

Source: Newsen