Yuri Opens Up About The Burden Of Being An Actress As A Girls’ Generation Member

She once felt weighed down by the title.

In a recent episode of MBN‘s Eat More, Girls’ Generation member and actress Yuri appeared and shared her thoughts on her career.

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri | @yulyulk/Instagram

Yuri confessed to the struggles she faced when she promoted her movies. Though she welcomed the “second act” of her life as an actress, she couldn’t help but feel scared by the change.

If life was like a play, I think I’ve only completed my first act. It’s now time for the second act as an actress. But it scares me in a lot of ways.

— Yuri

Yuri even admitted that there was a time when she felt burdened by the title of being a Girls’ Generation member.

I’m proud to be a Girls’ Generation member, but there were times when the title felt heavy on my shoulders. Because of the amount of love that I’ve received, I felt pressured — like I needed to repay with good results.

— Yuri

Luckily though, Yuri no longer feels pressured. She even went on to share that her fellow Girls’ Generation members give her strength when she needs it.

There are too many people around me who cheer me on and help me out. And I think that made me more flexible.

When I see how well my fellow members are doing at their own things, I remember that I’m one of them and that gives me motivation.

— Yuri

No matter what struggles Yuri may face, her fellow members are her most reliable support system. In particular, Yuri named Sooyoung as the member she relies on the most!

| @yulyulk/Instagram

The member whose career path is most similar to mine is Sooyoung. We went to the same school and studied acting together. I talk to her a lot about my worries. Just her existence alone helps me.

— Yuri

Watch the full revelation below:

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