Z-Girls’ Leader Carlyn Announces Her Pregnancy—Putting The Group In A Difficult Spot

With this news, she will likely leave Z-Girls, and the group may struggle to have a comeback, if at all.

Recently, Z-Girls member Carlyn announced that her former plans to return to Korea have changed as she has become pregnant and hopes to have a family life.

| @carlyncabel/Instagram

Z-Girls is a K-pop group that debuted back in February 2019 along with their brother group Z-Boys. Formerly under ZMC but now under Divtone Group, their goal was to create a global K-pop group with members from different Asian countries. The members include Vanya (Indonesia), Queen (Vietnam), Priyanka (India), Bell (Thailand). Carlyn was the leader of the group who is from the Philippines.

Although the group has an amazing concept, a loving fanbase, and is active on social media, they haven’t put out music since their debut. This is most likely from the fact that they are all from different countries and the pandemic hit, not allowing anyone to travel. Several members have also left from both groups, including Joanne (Taiwan), Perry (Taiwan), Sid (India), and Mahiro (Japan).

Now, since Carlyn has announced her pregnancy and desire to stay in the Philippines, fans speculate that the group won’t last much longer. She made the announcement through a video where she was celebrating with her family. She announced that she would be staying in the Philippines and revealed that her plans to return to Korea were “erased.” 

However, Carlyn is delighted with this new chapter in her life, and we wish her all the best!

Source: Image and @_galaxzhub
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