ZE:A’s Siwan and miss A’s Suzy chosen as most wanted celebrities to watch first snowfall with

In a survey conducted with single males and females, ZE:A’s Siwan and miss A’s Suzy were chosen as the most wanted celebrities to watch the first snowfall with!

As the autumn season has ended and winter has come for many countries, these places, including South Korea, have just experienced their first snowfall for the year! Since watching the first snowfall together is one of the many romantic things for couples to do, a survey was conducted to find out which celebrity the public would want to spend that very precious once-in-a-year moment with.

The results of the survey were released on November 14th and this year, the two who have emerged as winners are Siwan and Suzy. 20- and 30-year-olds who are single were surveyed and out of a total of 674 participants, 23% of the females surveyed selected Siwan while 25% of the male participants chose Suzy.

Candidates who followed closely behind include Kang Dong Won (21%), So Ji Sub (19%), and Lee Jong Suk (16%) for the male celebrities, while Kang Min Kyung (23%), Han Ye Seul (20%), and Son Ye Jin (15%) were also selected out of the female celebrities.

In other news, Suzy’s anti-fan, who left death threats to Suzy, is currently being tracked down upon. On a lighter note, it was revealed ahead of time that miss A is expected to reunite for a new album next year! ZE:A’s Siwan also impressed everyone by showing the studious side of him through tvN’s variety show Open List 2014.

Source: EDaily