ZEROBASEONE Stuns In New Photoshoot For 1st Look

Check out each member’s photo!

1st Look recently revealed a sneak peek at ZEROBASEONE‘s exciting feature, showing a teaser photo of each member from the pictorial.

Sung Hanbin | 1st Look

Everyone showed off their own unique charms in a variety of photos that compliment each member’s style.

Kim Jiwoong | 1st Look

From the bold and close-up photos of Kim Taerae and Kim Gyuvin

Kim Taerae | 1st Look
Kim Gyuvin | 1st Look

…to the artistic shots of Ricky and Zhang Hao!

Ricky | 1st Look
Zhang Hao | 1st Look 

The full charismatic photoshoot will be featured in issue 258 with a release date of May 22.

Park Gunwook | 1st Look
Han Yujin | 1st Look
Seok Matthew | 1st Look


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