ZEROBASEONE Breaks Their Table At The “2023 Asia Artist Awards”

They were enjoying BSS’s performance too much!

The 2023 Asia Artist Awards (AAAs) ceremony was held in the Philippines on December 14. Many of our favorite K-Pop idols, including SEVENTEEN and ZEROBASEONE (also known as ZB1), were in attendance.

During SEVENTEEN’s sub-unit BSS‘s performance, ZEROBASEONE proved to be true fanboys.

ZEROBASEONE enjoyed their sunbaes‘ performance so much so…

…that they broke their own table! It completely collapsed onto the floor.

This chaotic moment went viral across social media apps with ZEROSES (ZEROBASEONE fandom).


Ofc this happens to zb1 table only 😭 #zerobaseone #zb1 #fyp

♬ original sound – Cherry🍒

At least we know they had a good time!

ZEROBASONE was not the only group who broke their table at the event. Read more below.

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