Conflicting Stories Emerge Following Shocking Chaos At The “2024 Hanteo Music Awards”

There was chaos in the audience.

On February 18, 2024, a video of ATEEZ at the 2024 Hanteo Music Awards went viral. They appeared to be in deep shock as they looked at the crowd of fans. According to the fan who uploaded the photo, it was because fans of ZEROBASEONE had been causing chaos. Ultimately, the members of ATEEZ had to instruct staff to rein in the fans.

ZEROBASEONE fans are in chaos… ATEEZ oppas were shocked.

— yuyufuture

Other fans claimed that it was because fans had been shouting, “Kim Jiwoong, leave the group,” causing Kim Jiwoong’s fans to allegedly hit those who had been shouting.

Someone said they were fighting because someone screamed for Kim Jiwoong to leave the group, and Kim Jiwoong’s fans hit them. LOL. Please spread this. Wow, they’re such idiots.

— maechoz

A present ZEROBASEONE fan claa imed that it was not solely due to ZEROBASEONE’s fans or a specific group of fans. They claimed that it was due to a surge in the crowd.

The situation got so out of hand that most of the artists present looked concerned. Even the group who was standing up looked shocked as they prepared for their turn in the spotlight. The members of ATEEZ took the lead in directing staff to manage the chaos.

The organizers have yet to speak up about the matter.



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