ZEROBASEONE’s Gyuvin Apologizes For Unknowingly Using Phrases With Misogynistic Origins

He upset fans with his choice in words.

ZEROBASEONE’s Gyuvin has been enjoying popularity and love since his debut. As one of the younger members, many adore him for his playful personality and aegyo. Despite this, a specific group of fans found issue with some of the colloquial speech that he uses often.

As a young teen, Gyuvin’s speech habits are similar to that of many other young people in South Korea. As an idol however, fans had higher expectations for the star. They found issue with a few phrases that they claim to have origins from misogynistic forums and websites.

Accusatory tweet that went viral. | Nate Pann
  • Original Tweet: It’s true that his use of “ㅗㅜㅑ“(slang to express shock and awe) was careless of him, but all the QRTs accusing him of using Ilbe and DC (male-dominated forums known for misogyny) just because he uses slang like “nup,” “idunno,” just how do you guys function on a daily basis?
  • QRT: The reason is that Kim Gyuvin uses “ㅗㅜㅑ,” “idunno,” “can’t hold it,” “nup” all within one to two hours at once. If he used it all at once, why are you judging him after separating the incidents?

Following the accusations and uproar from disgruntled fans, Gyuvin took to the group’s fan community to apologize.

Gyuvin’s apology. | Nate Pann

Hello. This is ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Gyuvin.

Recently, during the process of communicating with fan through a new platform, I learnt that I had used some expressions without knowing their proper meaning and origin. Regarding this, I’m reflecting deeply upon it.

I sincerely apologize to the many who felt discomfort due to my inadequacy. In the future, I will be more educated and work harder, so that such matters do not happen again.

Once again, I’m sorry to everyone, and the fans who have been cheering me on, who was affected by this matter.

— Gyuvin

The matter has since come to a rest and fans have praised Gyuvin for his mature apology.

Source: Nate Pann