“Who Would You Rather Eat With?” — ZEROBASEONE’s Gyuvin And CRAVITY’s Minhee Shock Netizens With Their Drastic Food Choices

Netizens vote.

Malatang is one of the trendiest foods now in South Korea. The consumer is able to pick and choose what ingredients they want in the delicious, savory soup. The soup base can also differ in levels of spice and broth type.

Malatang in Korea. | TripAdvisor

Two idols went viral on an online community for their shocking choice in malatang. A Twitterian took a poll on who people would rather eat with. In less than 5 hours since posting, it has already garnered over 745,000 views.

If you have to eat malatang with them…

Eating with Kim Gyuvin vs. eating with Kang Minhee.

— @meejisaurus

ZEROBASEONE‘s Gyuvin chose a non-spicy white bone broth base, filled with lots of egg noodles. Without a lick of vegetables in sight, he went with ham and tofu skin to top it off.

Gyuvin’s malatang. | @meejisaurus/Twitter

On the other hand, CRAVITY‘s Minhee went for a clear soup absolutely filled with nothing but greens and enoki mushrooms.

Minhee’s malatang. | @meejisaurus/Twitter

Minhee ended up eating the healthy soup after a wrong order. He thought that a clear broth base would mean that it was both spicy and clear. What he got was a really healthy soup instead! Netizens cast their vote on which one they would prefer.

Netizens pick. | theqoo
  • I’d hate both, but I like vegetables so I think I can eat the second one thinking it’s like shabu shabu.
  • 2 looks so bad.
  • Why are they both like that?
  • How is 2 a clear broth? Even if you eat it at level 0 without any mala spice, isn’t it white broth? Like the mushroom soup at Hai Di Lao.
  • I’m more into the ingredients in 2 but the soup color… Is it shabu shabu?
  • Ah, I saw another post. Looks like he didn’t order level 0 soup, but the clear soup option.
  • They’re both so extreme LOL.

Both options are on the extreme ends, but we’d go for 1! What about you?

Source: theqoo
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