An Intriguing Look At The Gender And Age Demographics Of Each ZEROBASEONE Member’s Fans

The member with the most male fans is surprising!

With the official line-up of ZEROBASEONE finalized, fans of the Boys Planet winners have been discussing the potential success of the group based on the fandoms of each individual member. Recently, search data was released to determine the demographics of each member’s fans, showing both the average gender and age ratios of the nine fandoms.

The member with the most female to male fans based on this information was Kim Taerae. 93.37% of his searches were done by women, while 6.63% were done by men. In terms of age demographics, 45.29% were teenagers, 34.36% were in their 20s, 8.38% were in their 30s, and 7.74% were in their 40s.


Kim Gyuvin had the second-most female to male fans, with 92.78% of his searches done by women and 7.22% by men. The ages of his fans were as follows: 41.99% were in their teens, 28.87% were in their 20s, 10.54% were in their 30s, and 12.19% were in their 40s.


Zhang Hao had the third-most female to male fans according to this data, with 92.74% women to 7.26% men. He also had the highest percentage of fans in their 30s out of all the members: 26.13% were teens, 33.63% were in their 20s, 17.28% were in their 30s, and 16.84% were in their 40s.


The member with the fourth-most female to male fans was Seok Matthew, with the data stating he had 92.72% female fans and 7.28% male fans. As for age demographics, 29.05% were teens, 31.50% were in their 20s, 15.74% were in their 30s, and 16.70% were in their 40s.

Seok Matthew (ZEROBASEONE)

Park Gunwook was in the middle of the group in terms of female to male fan ratio, with 92.49% female fans and 7.51% male fans. As for the ages of his fans, 41.96% were teens, 31.05% were in their 20s, 10.85% were in their 30s, and 10.47% were in their 40s.

Park Gunwook (ZEROBASEONE)

Kim Jiwoong had the fourth-highest male to female fan ratio, with 91.54% female fans and 8.46% male fans. He also had the highest percentage of all the members with fans in their 20s: 34.51% were teens, 35.65% were in their 20s, 13.89% were in their 30s, and 10.89% were in their 40s.


Sung Hanbin was listed as the member with the third-most male to female fans, with the data listing his fandom as 91.00% female and 9.00% male. Interestingly, he also had by far the highest number of fans in their 40s out of all the members: 23.86% were teenagers, 27.08% were in their 20s, 16.51% were in their 30s, and 23.87% were in their 40s.


The member with the second-most male to female fans according to the data is Ricky. Searches for him were done 90.25% by women and 9.75% by men. The age demographics of his fandom was listed as 33.37% were teens, 34.57% were in their 20s, 14.9% were in their 30s, and 11.65% were in their 40s.


Finally, Han Yujin was shown to be the member with the highest ratio of male to female fans, with 86.47% of his searches done by women and 13.53% done by men. He also had the highest percentage out of all the members with fans in their teens: 53.34% were teens, 31% were in their 20s, 7.02% were in their 30s, and 11.2% were in their 40s.


Here’s a chart depicting the age demographics of each of the group’s members.

Age demographics of each ZEROBASEONE member’s fandoms | Pann Nate

It’s interesting to see how different each ZEROBASEONE member’s fandoms are, some of which were more surprising than others!

Source: Pann Nate


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