A New Analysis Report Contests The Legitimacy Of WAKEONE’s Audio Analysis For ZEROBASEONE Kim Jiwoong’s Cursing Controversy

They requested another analysis.

ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Jiwoong was recently involved in controversy. A fan had accused him of cursing in Korean as soon as a videocall fan sign had ended. In a recent report by Dispatch, it was concluded by a voice analyst that it was not verifiable that the person who cursed  was Kim Jiwoong. They determined that although no edits were made to the video and that there was indeed a curse in the video, it was not verifiable that it came from Kim Jiwoong himself.

Their evasive wording failed to convince netizens, who could not accept “unverifiable” as confirmation that the artist did not do it.

WAKEONE Fails To Convince The Public About ZEROBASEONE Kim Jiwoong’s Cursing Allegations

Following the news, a fan union called for a secondary analysis. They hired another analysis service and clapped back with an official report. A part of WAKEONE’s statement had declared that they inferred that the person who posted the video call could have recorded the curse externally as they had been filming the call on a secondary device. The new analysis proves this wrong.

Analysis results. | theqoo

The analysis service used two softwares to analyze the call. Formant proved through the sound waves that the curse was not from an external source, and also reported that it is likely that the man in the video call (Kim Jiwoong) had been the source.

Analysis results. | theqoo

The final page of the analysis report contains an official stamp by the analysis company and the results. The results claim that “it is judged that the man’s voice cursing came from the side of the male participant, and through evidence from the Formant analysis, there is a high possibility that it came from the male participant.

The fan union then made a statement that announced the results and demanded feedback from WAKEONE.


1. In your statement, you claimed that there was indeed a curse word, and that the video was not fabricated.

2. You announced that there was a chance that the curse was from an external source and hence, it is possible that it did not come from Kim Jiwoong.

3. As per the analysis that the fan union requested, it was confirmed that the curse was not from an external source but happened in the video call.
As such, we request a sincere apology and feedback, as well as responsibility to be taken for this controversy, by WAKEONE who only tried to quiet the case with lies and wordplay, as well as by Kim Jiwoong who conducted himself in a way that should not be done during a fansign.

Fan Union

The fan union strongly asks for WAKEONE’s feedback due to the company’s poor handling of the controversy.

Source: Theqoo


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