Fans Of ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Jiwoong Commit Crime After Being Angered By Protest Trucks Calling For His Withdrawal

They have been sued.

It was previously reported that a fan had planned protest trucks to call for the withdrawal of ZEROBASEONE‘s Kim Jiwoong from the group. The truck was circulated on February 7, 2023, at both the WAKEONE building and the CJENM building.

The truck angered ardent fans of Kim Jiwoong. One such fan took matters into their own hands and attempted to trick the truck driver into giving them information regarding the organizer of the protest truck. They pretended to need a phone, and approached the driver to borrow his. The kind driver lent them his phone without suspecting a thing. The fan went into his messenger applications and found the contact information and personal information of the person who had hired the truck.

They proceeded to spread the personal information online, leading to a serious case of doxxing. The organizer announced that they would be suing those who had participated in the doxxing.

We have already filed lawsuits against those who have threatened, spread rumors as well as personal information about the truck organizer. We have also already checked the identities of these perpetrators. We will be dealing with any added posts in the same way, so we hope you will make careful decisions.

— kkjw_out

While protest trucks are not a crime, doxxing is. An official statement by the truck company also pointed out as such. A singular protest truck is considered a “one person protest,” and hence does not go against any law. The company also apologized for the mistakes of the driver, and advised that they would take better measures to prevent their clients’ information from being at risk in the future. They would also be filing lawsuits against those who spread the stolen personal information.

The general public have turned to criticizing the extreme fans who not only committed a crime, but also affected the livelihood of an innocent driver.

Just what crime did the driver commit? There’s nothing those people can’t do because they’re crazy over a man. Get it together.


FR, the truck company is better than that company at their job.


What did they do to a kind driver who lent his phone to a young-looking kid? If you’re going to be insane, go insane by yourself. Don’t bring others down with you.

— chidonko1

WAKEONE continues to stay silent about this matter.